1. Call for your free consultation

  Call us and speak to a member of our staff about what you can do to raise your score and what we can do to raise your score. This call is obligation free and will leave you with invaluable knowledge.
2. Complete our Retainer Packet

  If you decide to retain our services, you can sign up several ways.
1. Call us toll free and we will walk you though getting your account set up online.
2. Download our Retainer Agreement, Sign and Fax or Email it back to us.
3. Download our Retainer Agreement, Sign and Mail It back to us with credit card authorization form or Pay with PayPal.

We will also need verification of your address and social security information.
3. Send in Your Updates

  On a monthly basis, you will receive updates from the credit bureaus on the progress of our dealings with them. You will have to mail these updates to us for our records after making copies for yourself. Upon receipt of these updates, your file will be updated 
4. See Your Scores Increase

  Your credit score should begin improving within the first 35 to 60 days of receipt of our consultation. (If you listen to our advice) We will continue to consult you on your credit for 6 months in many cases
5. Close Out

  After six months, you and your credit advisor can review your file together. You will also be given additional advice on what you can do to continue raising your credit score for long-term results.
What's Your Next Steps??
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